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Faith Lehane

Faith's life- How she got where she is today!...

Faith Meets Buffy

Faith and Buffy at the Bronze
Buffy and the gang are at the bronze when they encounter a vamp attack leading a young women outside, Buffy follows but by the time they get outside they see that the situation is already being handled.
Faith is the new slayer in town.
After resent and jealousy the two become very good friends and kill the forces of darkness together.

                                    Faith and Xander


Xander is on the run from his dead "friends" who are setting a bomb, and runs into Faith along the way. He saves her and she takes him back to her place. Xander and Faith have sex and then he is kicked out of her house.
Xander thinking this was a connection between him and her is later shattered by the truth of he lost his virginity to somone who wasn't interested.

                                                        Faith Kills  a man

During patrol Buffy and Faith come across a man whom Faith thinks is a vampire and in the heat of the moment she stabs him right through the heart with a wooden stake.
Faith dumps the body and tries to forget what happens, While Buffy feels a hell of a lot of guilt and has to tell somone.
Faith tells Giles it was Buffy.
Faith was sent away after Wesley called the council after finding out it was Faith.

                            Faith becomes a killer!!


Faith tells Buffy she does not care what happened to the guy. Her and Buffy have a huge fall out and Faith goes to Mayor Wilkins for help.He becomes like a father to her. He gets her to hunt and kill for him. Angel is included in one of these plots, First they try to make him Angelus again, And then they try to kill him.

                                                      Faith Works for the Mayor


The mayor becomes like a father to Faith, he is the only one that is there for her.
She helps him collect information on the up coming escention. He really does care for her though, When Faith is put in a coma by Buffy you see a real father streak come out of him when he tries to kill Buffy.

                                                    Faith and Angel

After the attempt of Mayor Wilkins and Faith turning Angel evil went to pot, Faith shoots Angel with a poisoned Arrow which would eventualy kill him. The only cure to this poisen is the blood of the slayer. Buffy and Faith fight. Faith ends up with a knife through the chest and put in a coma for months. Buffy goes back to Angel with no cure but her own blood which she feeds to him and he takes to much and she ends up in the hospital.
Later in the series "Angel" Faith goes there begging Angel to kill her, He refuses and she goes to prison after turning herself in.
Later on Angel and his pals ae in trouble and Wesley seeks out Faiths help, She breaks out of prison and heads on over to LA to save the day. Faith is first put in battle with a huge demon and then against Angelus who attacks her and again puts her in a light coma while she dies. (But was saved by Angel inside Angelus)
Then Willow arrives and takes Faith to Sunnydale where she meets the potentials and battles for her life at the end of the world.

                                            Faith and Riley

When Buffy and Faith switch bodies, Faith (In Buffy's body) Heads over to Rileys and they sleep together. RIley later finds out that it was not Buffy and this puts restrain on his and Buffy's relationship.

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Faith Lehane (Eliza Dushku)

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