Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers

Buffy Summers played by "Sarah Michelle  Gellar"
See how life of the slayer effected her....

Buffy and Angel

Buffy Summers first love Angel. Buffy is new to Sunnydale and doesn't know anyone but the person that keeps on popping up is the mysterious Angel. Unsure of who he is or what he wants she continues to keep her distance but letting him in. He warns her of the dangers that are coming and gives her a cross necklace which she wears and it protects her from Luke a very strong vampire.
Throughtout the seasons the two become very close and Buffy the 16-17 year old girls gives Angel something special. They both sleep together after a tough demon fight, which leeads Angel to loose his soul and becomes one of the world vicious vampires Sunnydale and the rest of the world had ever seen. Buffy at first belives that it was something that she had done, that she wasn't good and Angel being evil plays on her feelings and pushes all the right buttons to upset and traumatise her. This leads the two into a huge fight and Willow to try her very first major spell of re-insouling Angel. This works but it's too late Buffy has to sacrafice Angel to stop the evil he has started. She tells him to close his eyes, She kisses him then she puts a sword through his heart and he goes to eternal hell.
In season three Angel returns to Sunnydale from hell when Buffy places the claddah ring he had once given her on the floor in the place that he lives. As Angel was from hell he was messed up and like an animal. After hard work Buffy is able to calm him and help him gain some esembalence of life. She kissed Angel and Xander spots them. he tells Giles and Giles is angry as Angel was the one that killed his girlfriend Jenny.
This causes arguments between the group but Buffy continues to see Angel (As friends). Angel leaves at the end of season 3, After graduation.And begins his life in Los Angeles where he meets Doyle, Wesley and Cordellia

Buffy and Parker

Starting College life, buffy falls for the first guy she meets. Parker Abrams is the cute guy on campus. buffy doesn't realise he is only in it for a one night stand and not a relationship and is upset when she finds out he has left her for good and begins fantasing about saving him from vampires but when the fantasy comes to life she wants nothing to do with him.
He doesn't really care and moves on to the next girl he meets.

Buffy and Riley

Riley was the assistant at the college, He was Buffy's "Normal" boyfriend or so she thought. he turned out be a commando that kept demons in cages so he and his lab could run experiments on them to try and neuter them.
But he had a soft spot for Buffy and really loved her but she didn't love him back. Alhough they stayed together for a long time you could always sense that there was a distance between the two and with Spike falling in love with Buffy he was putting a bigger wedge between the two.
Eventualy their fights lead Riley to start seeing a vampire who he paid to suck blood from his arm. Spike led Buffy to the scene which lead to a huge argument between Buffy and Riley. Riley gets a call by some of the commando's that had started a new project and they need Riley's help. He gives Buffy a chance he tells her to give him a reason to stay before midnight or he is gone. Again with Xanders help she is able to see that she needs him but is too late and Riley takes of in the plane..
He later returns with his new wife Sam, They are both demon hunters and came to Sunnydale tracking a demon. Riley says his farewell once the demon is killed, The eggs are burnt and the doctor is found.

Buffy and Spike

Spike started out as Buffy's worst enemy, he tried to kill her on a regular basis, but they teamed up together when Angel went bad because Spike wanted Dru back and the only way that would happen is if Angel was out of the picture. He then returned when Buffy started College and he tried to kill her there. And then her returned after seeing Angel is Los Angeles and gets captured by the initiative. he is given a chip which renders him unable to kill. Or hit people.
He then begins to realise that he has feeling for Buffy and starts following her around and standing outside her house, wanting to help her and be with her. This does not happen until Buffy returns from the dead. Then they start sleeping together after and Buffy thinks that there is something wrong with her because Buffy before she died would never of let him touch her in that way. She begs Tara to tell her that there is something wrong but there isn't. tara is the only one that knows about Spike and Buffy's "Relationship".

Buffy and Scott

Buffy and Scott Hope

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