Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The story of Willow


Willow Rosenberg played by "Alyson Hannigan".
Started of as the geeky high school nerd turned into the most powerful witch of all time..
Want to find out how?
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Willow and Oz

Willow and Oz
Sure that nobody was liked her in a romantic way because of her geeky ways concentrated more on her school work than looking for a relationship. Oz Being in a band could have had anyone he wanted was very picky. But he always liked the mysterious girl he had seen before as an eskimo, The geeky girl, And as the hot girl during a halloween period, Soon found out that the girl he was so into was Willow.
After a while Willow and Oz become a couple, Willow herself as a practising witch, Can just about float a pencil and do a location spell. Oz is werewolf three nights of the month. Perect couple??

Well Oz and Willow's relationship gets put on a rough road when a new female werewolf is in town. Oz begins to show strong feelings for this girl and Willow feels the distance and strain on the relationship. This all ends in broken hearted Willow attempting a spell to break the two wolves up... She fails and is attacked by Veruka the Werewolf and saved by Oz.

Oz takes of to find a cure for his wolfness so he can be where Willow needs him. Willow is left shattered in pieces as he drives away. later in season 3 Willow finds his stuff all missing. It's really over.

Willow and Tara

Broken hearted Willow not looking for a relationship gets put in a scary situation when "The Gentlemen" The people who took away the voices of the people rendering them unable to scream as they took out the hearts of their victims as tropheys.
Willow is being chased by these horrific figures along side a young women and fellow witch Tara. Tara proves to Willow that she is also a witch like herself when they join hands to protect themselves.
As the weeks go by Willow keeps Tara a seret from the others and is falling in love.
Will they last?
When Willow's former lover "Oz" returns to Sunnydale claiming that he has a cure for the wolfness, Willow is torn and can't decide who to be with. She doesn't want to hurt anyone. In the end she choses Tara,
They are very happy for a while and as they are both witches, Tara teaches Willow new tricks, Willow enhances them and becomes more powerful than Tara.
They have their first argument which ends in Tara alone at the fayre where she is attacked by Glory the God and has been left brain sucked.
Willow uses her magic to bring her back and then begins using magic for personal gain which results in many future arguments between the two and in teh end a break up.. After Willow goes a while without magic and tries to get Tara back, Which she acomplishes, A few days later Tara is shot dead by Warren Mears, one of the trio. Willow Vengeful hits the dark magics and goes after Warren, Johnathen and Andrew. This results in The flaying of Warren, The fight between Buffy and Willow, The fight between Giles and Willow, And the almost destroying of the world. Thanks to Xander we still have a world left.... He used the most powerful word. LOVE!

Willow and Kennedy

After going on a course with Giles in England trying to control her powers after almost destroying the world, She is sent back to Sunnydale after partcialy completing her course but is well enough to return. Weeks later Giles returns with the "potentials" whom Buffy must protect from danger. One of those potentials is Kennedy.
Kennedy is very pushy and likes willow and is used to getting her way. She takes Willow to the "Bronze" and asks her questions about her life. They then head home and have their first kiss which ultimately turns Willow into the man she killed "Warren". This puts pressure on the new relationship but ends with another kiss between the two turning Willow into Willow again.
Kennedy and Willow's relationship progresses throughout the season, kennedy begins to understand what it's like to be Willow and how much magic means to her. Towards the end Willow becomes a goddess and her hair is turned white instead of the dark Willow where it had been turned black. And Kennedy becomes a Slayer.

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